Calling All Commentators: New H&R Issue!

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The February issue of Horse&Rider is in the mail and headed for newsstands. Here's its cover.

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It's gotten to be a regular thing for me to post these sneak-peek covers, and to invite your initial-reaction comments and other thoughts. It's kind of a highlight of my month, really, to reveal the latest issue and get your comments.

I'd compare it to the effort that goes into planning and staging what you hope will be a good party--and then standing back to see what actually happens as the event unfolds.

I have not actually gotten my hands on this issue yet myself, so have that nice little zzzzzzzzzzz of anticipation going as I wait for it to get here.

Meanwhile, I invite you to share impressions, thoughts, and questions, too.

We will think of the ensuring comments as feedback snacks for the weekend! (Happy Friday to all.)