Calling All Horseless Reiners!

Youth riders who aren’t reiners or don’t even have a horse to show, listen up: You can be involved with horses, too!

I want to tell you about the National Reining Horse Youth Association’s Varsity Reining Club, which has something for every youth horse enthusiast. The Varsity Reining Club offers youth the opportunity to earn scholarships by submitting photography, writing stories that might be published in The Reiner, selling tickets for the raffle held during the NRHA Futurity to benefit NRHyA, and even getting good grades in school. Each activity is worth a set number of points that you can use to purchase NRHA sweatshirts, hats, duffle bags, and so much more.

Through the Varsity Reining Club, I’ve learned how hard work really does pay off, whether it be school work or working really hard to sell raffle tickets. Additionally, I’ve been able to interact with other youth who are into horses, just like me.

I encourage everyone to get involved with the Varsity Reining Club—you don’t even have to be an NRHA member! Simply go to the NRHA website, click “Youth,” and then “VRC” to become a member today. I feel that the club has made me a better person by developing my photography and writing, and has given me so many opportunities. If you have any questions about the Varsity Reining Club, please email me at, and put “Megan” in the subject line.

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