Cattle as Cute Companion Animals

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OK, this may seem like an off-topic post (see subject line). But bear with me, because it's really not as off-topic as one might think.

I've been doing some thinking on the subject of livestockism. Which would be a term for strong prejudice for or against a particular kind of livestock; a term for attributing positive or negative qualities to a group based on personal belief. (Think racism.)

Many people exhibit what could be called livestockism when it comes to horses (noble, helped us settle the West, deserve to run free if born free, subjects for rescue and adoption, great companion animals, should not be considered as food, etc.), and when it comes to cattle (fair game for horseback sport, socially acceptable to be raised as food, livestock vs. a pet/companion animal, and so forth).

Just to underline how deeply ingrained our cultural livestockism can be, imagine a flipflopped world, in which cattle were the pets/companion animals, and horses were the fair game for cattleback sport. Picture donating funds to a cattle rescue, or conducting a circle ceremony at the gravesite of a euthanized steer, or sending your heifer over the Rainbow Bridge.

Then pay a visit to this Website,, and share your thoughts. (I found this by doing a Google search for the phrase 'cute cattle'--just to see if anything would turn up--and lo and behold, it did).