Check Out Chances to Meet & Ride With Lynn Palm

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If trail riding suits your fancy and you'd like to get better at it, here's an opportunity for you to look into.

Team H&R's Lynn Palm and her husband, Cyril Pittion-Rossillon, are hosting two outdoor trail challenge clinics at Fox Grove Farm, Ocala, Florida. The first ?clinic is set for October 31 to November 1; the second is slated for December 5-6.

Lynn also has a Women LUV Horses Spa & Riding Retreat set for October 26-31.

Fox Grove Farms' "extreme trail playground" consists of logs, hills, water, ditches, planks, and a wooden bridge. The clinic itself is tailored to riders of any experience level or discipline, and is designed to help you become a more skilled, confidence rider out in the open. Lynn has evening social activities planned as well, at the farm's private English pub.

You can find more information on the upcoming events here. Or, zip Lynn's staff an e-mail:

Photo courtesy Lynn Palm Partnership Training; that's Lynn doing the instructing as a rider rises to the extreme-trail challenge!