Checking in from QuarterFest, Day One

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I just got to the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN, for AQHA's QuarterFest. And haven't been able to get 10 feet without bumping into an old friend, someone I've shown horses with, or someone I've been wanting to meet. Like a reunion, with celebrity guests!

Last night, I had a great evening catching up with and having dinner with Bob Avila and his wife Dana. As usual, we trotted out a few favorite recollections from our 20+ years of showing and working on articles together, and just covering "industry talk" in general. Bob is giving clinics here at ?QuarterFest and will be performing in the evening Extravaganzas tonight and tomorrow.

Now, I'm going to go check out the Quarter Horse test-ride area and the Walk of Fame's celebrity horses.

Ya know what? It's a kick to feel kid-like horse excitement again when you're 50+ years old!