Chexy and Lexi Travel to Colorful Colorado

This weekend I will embark on a mission.

My quest?

To bring my horse Chexy home to Colorado.

From Idaho We Go

My parents and I will make the more than 800-mile trip on Monday. But I began busily preparing months ago.

Luckily, I knew where to start: his amenities.

A friend at the office recommended a place nearby. It’s also the barn that she boards her mare. After a visit, I knew it’d be a good fit, plus Chexy and I will have friends! I’ve never boarded before so it’ll be nice to have someone around to show me the ropes.

Ready or Not

During our drive we’ll pass through four different states, which means Chexy needed all of his paperwork ready to go. One visit from the farrier, the vet, and the brand inspector later and he’s now Colorado-ready. 

But, am I ready for him?

It’s been over a year since I’ve had him nearby, and although I’m ecstatic about it, I’d be lying to say it isn’t going to be an adjustment. My entire riding life my horses have been at my parent’s place, so this sole responsibility thing will be quite a change. I’m up for the challenge though. Now that I’ve settled in and have a year at the magazine under my belt, having Chexy here will make Colorado feel even more like home.

So ready or not, to colorful Colorado Chexy will go!

If you have any travel advice or insight to make Chexy’s (or my) adjustment go more smoothly, please feel free to share.

To keep up with our preparation and travel, follow #ChexyandLexi on Instagram at Horseandridermag. Over the next few days I’ll be blogging and sharing photos of my packing and preparations, and of our long day of travel.

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