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Clever, clever

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We receive lots of books here at the office, submitted by the publisher or the author to be considered for review in the magazine. So I didn't think much of it when another package arrived. BUT, I was definitely surprised when I opened it. So much so, that I have to give nods to the publisher for their creativity!

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The book came complete with a bedding of straw, apple, carrot (which is a little shriveled now), and greeter -- doesn't this guy look like he's reaching right out to take a chomp of that apple! In a time when competition is stiffer than ever, this is one clever way to get your reader's attention.

I can't vouch for the book at this time, because I haven't read it yet (you can bet I will though), but if you're interested, it's Horse Lover's Companion: 365 Days of Tips and Inspiration for Living a Joyful Life with Your Horse, by Audrey Pavia and published by Quayside Publishing Group.