Colorful Chaps

These definitely stood out, but the color looked great with the horse. Is this purple/periwinkle a color only for the young set?

Julie and I checked out the Bell Ringer AQHA show in Denver yesterday, and one trend really caught our eyes–that even more riders are sporting colored chaps in Western classes. Now, it’s true that the most color we saw (and the most vibrant hues) was worn by youth riders. Most of the novice amateur and amateur riders stuck with traditional, versatile black. But even one amateur rider looked really sharp in a pair of midnight blue chaps.

What do you think? Do you plan to take a risk and buy colored chaps this show season? Do you think a trend like this can only be pulled off by the youngsters?

Check out the rainbow below.

These midnight blue chaps almost–but not quite–looked black. A great conservative option, if you want color without too much attention.
Here’s a great representation of the rainbow of color.
This bright orange caught my eye. The vibrant chaps color and the shirt that faded upward to the light hat looked sharp.

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