Congress ‘R Bust

Ahhhh, huge sigh of relief! We just sent our December issue to press (i.e., this has been a very stressful week for H&R staffers). Lack of time perception is definitely an occupational hazard of working for a magazine, as you never seem to know what month it is. I have to remind myself that yes, it’s currently October. We just received our November issue. And, yes, we just sent our December issue to press. And, next week we’ll be working on our January 2010 issue. What?!?!

But after a brain-draining week of editing and proofing and working the production cycle, I’ve reached one of the bright “carrots” of my job at H&R. This Sunday, I’ll be heading up to Ohio to attend the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Traveling to events and big shows is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job. The only downside is lugging my huge camera around the airport, etc., but in the big picture, a small price to pay.

I’m way excited, as I’ve actually never been to Congress before, but have heard everyone rave about it for years. Have any of you guys been before? Anything particular I should be sure to check out?

Several of our Team H&R members will be there…Charlie Cole (for sure); I think Stacy Westfall will be there for a few days; Bob will likely be there, too; Lynn & Carol; and I know that Robin Gollehon and her husband Roger will have a booth in the “Stallion Alley,” so if you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hello to them. (Robin is very down-to-earth and so much fun to talk to, so don’t be intimidated to chat her up.)

I was checking out a few facts about the event that I thought I’d share, as I was pretty amazed, especially with our current economic situation:

>17,000 horse show entries

>Within three weeks, the event houses more than 8,500 American Quarter Horses

>The event attracts more than 650,000 people to the Columbus area

>Brings more than $110 million to the central Ohio economy

(All, I can say is WOW! I haven’t been to a show this size…EVER!)

Throughout the three weeks, the event entails:

>AQHA-approved Quarter Horse show

>AQHA-approved racing events

>More than seven acres of equine-related commercial exhibits

>Youth tournament (hmmm…will have to check out what this is, exactly!)

>Horse bowl, hippology, various demos

>Collegiate and 4-H horse-judging contest

>Educational lectures

>Queen contest (wonder if I’ll be a candidate?)

>Super-Sale horse auction

>Million Dollar Stallion Avenue

>Pro Bull Rider tour at Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus (super-cute cowboys?)

Alas, I’ll only be there two full days, so not sure how much of this I’ll get to soak up. My only concerns: I CANNOT max out my credit cards on all the fabulous shopping available (perhaps I should leave them at home, but just in case there’s something I REALLY have to have…; it’s been in the 80s in Dallas and think it’s supposed to be uber-cold in Columbus this weekend (this cowgirl editor is the biggest cold-weather wimp ever); and, of course, I just hope I have enough time thoroughly soak up the experience.

I would love to hear from any of you who’ve been before, OR if you happen to be attending this weekend, please try to find me and say hi! I’ll be wearing either a tan-colored H&R shirt or a deep blue H&R shirt. I’m kind of tall, dark curly hair (likely in a pony tail), always carrying lots of camera equipment, etc. You can’t miss me!

If I do miss you, I’ll take tons of pics and report back next week!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets to ride their horses. It’s been raining here for two straight weeks, so poor Memphis hasn’t been ridden in ALL that time. (I’m sure he’s heart-broken.)

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