Cowboy Saying

Each month, one of my quick little tasks (funny how these “little” bits end up adding up into one huge to-do list!) is to supply our production team with quotes, tidbits, and fun facts for the Marketplace section in the back of H&R. The Marketplace is where you can find helpful advertisements for everything from horse insurance to manure vacuums — yes, I’m serious (check out

One of the quotes I ran across today while I working on this:
“When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin’.” ~ Cowboy saying

I’m thinking, whoever came up with this must have had a really good horse. If I dropped my reins and let my horse do the “thinkin,'” we’d end up at the feed bucket 9 times out of ten! And that tenth time, we’d end up going for a nice roll in the dirt, which means I’d end up squooshed!

What would would happen if y’all let your horse do the thinkin’?

P.S. Know any cool horse quotes I can borrow?

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