Dare I Bring Up the Subject of Winter Barn Boots?

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Whether you're among those digging out from the Great Christmas Blizzard of '09, or of the drowning-in-mud persuasion, you stand a pretty good chance of needing special footwear for going to the barn this time of year.

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And getting the right recipe for that footwear can be tricky.

You want enough tread for good traction, but not so much lug to your soles that you can't lift your feet fast enough to get out of a horse's way.

If you're wear it's above freezing, you want to keep mud, slop, and other moisture out, but you don't want your feet to get super-chilled on the other side of pure rubber, which lacks insulating capabilities.

As evidenced by the graveyard of didn't-quite-cut-it-winter-footwear piled up in a back corner of our garage, I've made a lot of runs at the problem.

This year, I am giving quite high marks to this pair of pull-on winter work boots, "Bayou High" style, from Itasca. The high-tech fabric tops are stretchy, and snug rest snugly but comfortably under the knee--keeping snowballs or alfalfa leaves from getting inside. The foot part is waterproof with a reinforced toe, and the entire boot is much lighter than other boots I've tried.

What are the well-clad feet wearing at your place for working out in and around the barn?