Feeling Harried? De-Stress With Horses

Looking for a way to wind down during hectic times, including the holidays? De-stress with horses!

When stress strikes, a quick moment with your horse can put things to right. Photo by dabya/Adobe Stock Images

“No matter how stressful my day’s been,” says reader Lisa Wingebach of California, “when I brush my gelding’s face and he drops his head…I relax completely.”

Lisa was responding to a question we asked awhile back about de-stressing with horses. Can you relate? I certainly can. 

Because, let’s face it: As horsepeople, we’re always busy—barn chores, house chores, family chores, work chores. Finding time for a ride or any other activity with our horses can even begin to feel like a chore.

Add to that the outside stresses that come along to complicate our lives, and it all becomes crazymaking.

But! That’s exactly why it’s essential to keep carving out at least a little time with our equine friends, even when other concerns weigh in. Science has acknowledged what we already knew—that being with our horses relieves stress and promotes a blissful feeling of wellbeing.

Science, you ask? Yes. A study at Washington State University found that youngsters who spend time handling or riding horses have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as indicated by saliva samples, than do youngsters in a control group with no horse time.

The feel of your horse’s warm coat under your hand will calm and refresh you. Photo by ilyaplatonov/Adobe Stock Images

So—horses are proven stress relief.

My own experience confirms this. I recall the calming effect my good gelding Granite had on me during a particularly hectic holiday season when my daughter was young. Here in Northern California, we’re lucky to be able to ride year-round. I would drop Sophie at preschool, then go on to the boarding barn and the relaxation would begin.

Stepping out of my car, I’d notice how appealing my gelding looked as he lifted his handsome head and pricked his ears at me.

As I led him from his paddock to the barn, I’d never fail to notice how the haircoat on his neck (he was a fleabitten gray) resembled creamy vanilla-bean ice cream. Mmmmmm.

Grooming him, I’d take a moment to press my nose into his coat or the side of his velvety muzzle. Breathing in that warm, horsey scent was—and still is—intensely relaxing, conjuring up as it does happy horse-memories from childhood.

As I longed him, I would admire his sweepy movement and think how glad I was he belonged to me. By the time I swung into the saddle, my worries of the day had faded and I was ready to concentrate on this creature that added such beauty and richness to my life.

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. The tales you’ve shared attest to it.

“Yes, librarians get stressed, too,” confesses reader Kristi Pierce of Iowa. “And when that happens, my husband banishes me to the barn for horse therapy. Scratching my big Paint gelding’s bum (his favorite spot) as we listen to a book together makes all the worries go away.”

Californian Karen Luckett agrees. “Just hugging my 34-year-old mare melts my stress away and resets my biorhythms within 15 seconds. Better than any tranquilizer out there.”

Who can argue with that?

So, remember…when the crazy-worries strike, carve out 15 seconds—more if you can manage it—to relax, refresh, and recharge with your four-legged best friend.

(Then take a moment to tell us all about it!)

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