Dinner Deets with AL!

For those of you still curious about our dinner date with Al Dunning last week—-plus, the questions you posed to him…please don’t think we’re blowing you off.

As I’ve mentioned, our magazine deadlines around the holidays are just vicious! (It feels like we have another issue due every other week!) And, as soon as we put one issue to bed, we immediately have to start working on our online material…while also starting the new issue.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I hope you’ll forgive me and Erin, AND we promise, we’ll give you downlow on our dinner date with Mr. Dunning, and we DO, in fact, have quite a few answers for those of you who asked. So, stay tuned! And, we wish all of our readers and supporters a very Happy Holiday, indeed!

Alana 🙂

BTW: Can’t wait to hear what everyone gets for Christmas! (Sadly, I’m thinking Santa didn’t have time to make me a new saddle this year. Alas…woe is me/I!)

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