Dirty, Rotten, No-Good Hounds!?!?

DOGS. ?Show-Do? ?Show-Don’t ?Who Cares? ?Chill Out!

Well…I hope everyone has received their December ’09 issues at this point. And, we’ll even forgive you if you haven’t had a lot of spare time to read every sentence yet. Alas, you should (hopefully) have a few days off this weekend. And, I implore you to very carefully read our December-issue’s Mail Call department. It seems that our Team H&R article (from our October ’09 issue) with Charlie Cole on how to handle your dogs at horse shows stirred up a medium-sized hornets’ nest…

As you’ll note, one reader was simply outraged that we ran such an article, and that a dog’s place is not at a horse show. Point taken…especially if it happens to be my saddle the random dog mistakes as a toilet. BUT, I must counter with the fact that our dear Mr. Cole stressed that show dogs MUST be well-behaved. We received additional letters in protest, and others in praise…”Of course, EVERYONE takes their dogs to shows!” Be that it may, it seems some show-goers are not too cool?with this.

As irony serves its fair dish, I was leaving for the All American Quarter Horse Congress the day after we got this issue out…alas, “dog alert” was fresh on my brain. I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life than at Congress. Glad I had my rabies shots up to date (I jest). In certain area’s of the Columbus Fairgrounds, I thought I was at my neighborhood dog park. And, in truth, I didn’t hear any complaining; however, I was only there for two days. AND, the dogs I saw appeared extremely well-behaved, show-go pros.

Yet, I’m intrigued about how our other readers feel about this subject! Please, if you haven’t read our December issue yet, curl up post-turkey consumption on Thursday, and READ…especially Mail Call, and let us know what you think? Dogs at shows = YAY or NAY?

(And, Happy Turkey Day to all by the way!)

Recognize these two mischevious show phenoms, who dare bring their pooch to the party?

You probably recognize this gal, too, even though she’s fraternizing with the enemy! We’ll give you major bonus points (I’ll even attempt to come up with a prize), if you can tell us whose dogs these are?

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