Discuss: Ways to Sell Used Gear

Please share your tips for turning unused gear into cash you can use for something else.
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Credit: Photo by Juli S. Thorson

Credit: Photo by Juli S. Thorson

I have a little problem, and I’m thinking I’m not the only one.

I’ve accumulated more horse gear than I currently have need or use for, and some of it needs to go. Halters, horse blankets, bridles and bits, even a saddle or two…you get the picture. Others could make use of this stuff that’s currently just taking up space at my place, and it’s time for me to get busy and hook them up.

So I’d like to know from you: What ways of selling have you used, and what would you say are the pros and cons?

A partial list of possible means:

--Sell one-on-one, to friends or barn mates.

--Sell at an organized annual tack sale, with many contributors.

--Sell at a private tack sale you organize for yourself.

--Advertise online locally, with Craigslist.

--Advertise online nationally, via tacktrader.com or the like.

--Use local print classifieds.

--Use social-media groups devoted to buying and selling.

--Donate to charitable groups for the tax write-off.

TIA for any of your been-there, done-that advice. Your experience will help others besides just me, and could even find its way into a future article for H&R.

Help us get cash for our clutter!