Do You Show? How'd It Go?

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With the show season winding down in most parts of the country, I thought I'd check in with those of you who enjoy that sort of competition, just to see how your year in the show pen's gone.

Did you reach some goals? Suffer setbacks? Partner with a new horse? Brush up with your old one and kick some butt? Branch out into a new class or division? Endure a few crying-towel episodes?

I sat this year out, with a too-busy schedule, a horse with a torn-suspensory problem, and emerging other interests (like a new grandson, for one). But it's not my first year of having to get my show fix through the efforts of other people, and probably won't be the last. Life needs have bucked me off before when it comes to showing, and I eventually find a way to dust off and get back on.

So in the meantime, how about it--got some results to share?