Editors DO Just Want to Have Fun!

Let’s just say it’s been one of those deadlines from hell. Mega stress, little time, ripping hair, biting finger nails, running around like headless chickens. But, we’re on the home stretch…thank God! 

With this in mind, thought I’d share a goofy pic of me and Erin at a photo shoot at Charlie Cole’s ranch. (I had to be the English model; Erin the Western-working diva.) This, too, had been one LONG (but fun) shoot, so Erin and I couldn’t help but get the giggles and act like lil’ girls at the shoot’s conclusion. (Alas, I can’t possibly act like I’m 30 yet!)

I promise we really are professionals! But ya all gotta let loose every once in awhile, even as H&R editors!

Alana (left); Erin (right)

TOMORROW: Get ready! I have an uber-controversial topic I desperately need to discuss with you guys. If you’ve received your December issue yet, you can take a guess at what it might be about. Stay tuned, as I really, really WANT your input.

Cheers to letting your hair down, every once in awhile!


Alana 🙂

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