Fall Market in Denver

Tomorrow, Alexis and I head down to the Big City (Denver) for the fall WESA Market. It’s not as chaotic as the one we attend in January, but it’s a great opportunity to have conversations with advertisers, manufacturers, and other industry influencers.

We’ll check out all the new boots–from pointy to square–at the fall WESA Market.

It also serves as a solid introduction to the market scene for first-timer Alexis. The opportunity to learn to navigate the many hallways of the multi-floor venue and all of its annexes will be valuable come January. (Not to mention learning where to find vital resources like free lunch, a place to sit, the best place to get a boot shine, and bathrooms with the shortest lines.)

While we’re there, we’ll post photos of trends and novelties we see as we wander from showroom to showroom. Here’s what you can expect to see on our Instagram account.

  • Apparel. From jeans to tops to winter coats to accessories, we’ll give you a glimpse into what you might see in your local Western store this winter.
  • Boots. Tall ones, short ones, square ones, pointy ones, exotic ones, practical ones…There’s more boots than the most avid Boot Queen would know what to do with at market. And we’ll do our best to check out every single pair.
  • Tack. Looking for a trendy new tack set? We’ll show you what’s new. Or maybe a new saddle? We’ll keep our eyes peeled for innovations. Headstall? We’re suckers for strap goods.
  • Gift items. As painful as it is to recognize it, the holidays are only a few short months away. Market is a great place to find gift items for the home. 

So be sure to go to our Instagram page tonight and follow HorseAndRiderMag so you don’t miss out on anything tomorrow morning. 

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