Fan of the Month: Ashley and Lucky

What’s your horse’s personality like?
Lucky is picky as to who she coincides with, she is more of a ‘one person’ horse. For example, she comes up to greet me immediately in the pasture, but there are others who wouldn’t stand a chance catching her at pasture. She is incredibly smart; it’s been a pleasure training her because she picks up on things so quickly. We’ve actually worked in a couple of ‘trick training’ sessions on our ‘fun days.’ She has learned to ‘smile’ as well as how to ‘shake’ (hoof to hand), it didn’t take much at all before she realized the silly things that I was expecting her to do. She is also very good with kids, it’s almost like she’s a different horse around them. She’ll drop her head down and let a little child pet all over her face.

What is your favorite section of Horse&Rider?
My favorite section of Horse&Rider is the Conformation Clinic. I love looking over the horses and picking out the flaws and comparing my observations with the authors.

What is your favorite part about riding?
I think anyone who is really into riding horses can agree that it is such a stress reliever. I can be so stressed out, but just send me out to the barn to spend some time with my horse — and it’s like nothing else in the world matters; it’s a feeling like nothing else.

What made you want to start participating in your event?
I am a very detail oriented person; with pleasure events, there are so many little details that go into training a pleasure horse–that’s what I like about it.

What is your horse’s favorite treat?
Lucky goes crazy over peppermint candies. As soon as she hears you open the wrapper she start doing her smile trick!

What is your favorite memory/experience with this horse?
I’ve had many good memories with this girl. I think the best memories that I have with her are the days where we simply saddle up and go out for a trail ride. During the summer months when it was pretty muggy out, I’d take her down in a river that ran behind the barn and ride down it a ways–those rides were always enjoyable.

Who took the picture you entered?
I took the picture of her while I was out visiting her in the pasture.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far in your career?
I would say showing our first APHA show. It’s always been a dream of mine to show a breed show, I’m so glad that Lucky was the one who helped me make that accomplishment–we plan to continue to fulfill that dream with the coming show seasons with the hope of progressing in the ring as well.

How did you get your horse to pose for the Fan of the Month winning photo?
I trick trained her to ‘smile’ for treats–she was enjoying the first half of her apple in this photo and got a bit ahead of herself trying to smile for the second half, her tongue got in the way during the process which resulted in this silly, but adorable, photo of my girl.

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