Feed Prices and the Cost of Fuel

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As if the wallop to our wallets from high oil costs weren't enough, now comes another prospective hit to the horse budget.

I stopped by a country feed store yesterday to replenish my yearling's supply of growth-formula horse feed, and remarked on the price increase since my last purchase of the same feed. "Yup," said the store owner, "most of our feeds just went up in price. The supplier told us that with more grain being used to produce ethanol, feed ingredients have gone up in price."

Seeing as how I don't want to rush to judgment on the basis of one anecdotal comment, I'd like to know what you're hearing and experiencing about the cost of horse feed. But I can add that I paid more for hay last summer than I've ever paid, due to what the producers had to pay for diesel in order to run their hay-harvest equipment. And since my son-in-law is a farmer, I have a close connection to the subject of diesel prices and their effect on producers of agricultural products.

Seems like we're caught in a vicious circle. And that the horse-expense belt will need to tighten yet another notch.