First Entry in the Smitty Look-a-Like Contest

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OK, kids, would you not say that these two horses look alike?!

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One is our weanling Appaloosa, Smitty. One is--well, just wait until you hear this story. (And, hint: Smitty's the one in the halter.)

A picture of Smitty, and my account of his background, appears in my column for November '09 issue of Horse & Rider. Cindy Clapsaddle, a reader in North Fort Meyers, Florida, saw the picture and thought, "Hey--that Appaloosa looks a lot like ours!"

Then Cindy recognized a name in the column, that of Gail Smith--my sister-in-law. And at that point, she realized that her Appaloosa, a filly named Dorie, and our Appaloosa, Smitty, are half-siblings!

They both were sired by An Awesome Secret, a stallion raised by Gail, my brother Mark, and their partner Dave.

It's too bad that Cindy and I are at opposite corners of the country, because I do believe we have a matched pair. Imagine them as a driving pair--now THAT would be fancy!