Food Journal: Week 4

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

November 28

For the fourth week of my new diet, I decided to cut out bread. According to nutritionist Rick Rogers, this is usually the hardest food for people to remove from their diet.

I don’t think this will be a difficult change for me.

With the exception of going out to eat and weekend brunches, I don’t normally eat bread. As long as I can have my cheat day (and French toast!), I’ll adjust to this change easily.

One thing that was hard about this is the bread baskets when eating out. Though I don’t eat out that often, one bread basket is enough to break my resolve.

Also, Rick’s suggestion was to switch out bread in sandwiches for lettuce wraps. Now, I don’t eat sandwiches very often, but I’ve tried some lettuce wraps, and they’re quite good. You can even find them at some restaurants. They’re definitely worth a try!

Weight lost: 1 pound

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