For My Western Decor Loving Readers

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The next time you run across an old fold-up wooden ironing board, here's a fairly fun NON-IRONING way to put it to use:

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Stand it up and turn it into a portable beverage bar.

I use pairs of cowboy boots to safely transport favorite bottles of chilled water and red wine, plus glassware. I also decorate the bar with the boots, tucking in flowers, napkins, etc.

When folded flat, the ironing board fits behind the seat of my half-ton Ford pickup, and it'd fit just fine in the rear cargo area of most SUVs or bigger cars. And it's way cuter (in my opinion) than anything plastic and portable from China.

I admit that Ed looked at me sideways when he saw me packing an ironing board for my last couple of camping trips. ("You IRON when you're camping?!" can just hear a guy ?thinking this, right?)

Nope, just putting a little ingenuity to work in a Western way.

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