Take a Friend Riding: My Day

My name is Leo Paulson. I’m 8 years old. My mom is editor of Horse&Rider magazine. My brother, Joe, and I have a horse name Old Paint. I bet you can guess what breed he is!

On Saturday, September 10, we took some friends riding. Andy and Dawson live in our neighborhood, so we invited them to ride for the Take a Friend Riding Pledge.

Before they came over, we gave Paint a bath, clipped his whiskers, and got him cleaned up. We also cleaned the barn so it was nice and clean for my friends.

When my friends got to the barn, my mom went over the barn rules first. We had to be quiet around the horse, no wrestling at the barn, don’t walk up behind him, and don’t go under his neck or the lead rope. I taught my friends how to curry my horse, brush him, and saddle him.

Mom longed him, and then I got on and warmed him up by walking and trotting around the arena, in small circles, and zigzags. Dawson rode next. He’d never been on a horse before. He kept laughing about how bumpy it was. I think he had fun! Next Joe rode, and then Andy. Andy’s been on a horse before. He said he had fun, too.

After we finished riding, I led Paint back to the barn and unsaddled. Then we put him in his stall and said goodnight. 

Dawson’s mom brought a pizza cookie, and it was delicious!

I thought it was really fun to take my friends riding. It might be one of my most fun times riding, since I did it with my friends. I think other kids should take their friends riding, too. Who knows, maybe they’ll get horses, too, and we can all ride together!

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Mom typed this blog, as dictated by Leo. And Mom fixed punctuation. But she’s really proud of Leo for writing this post!

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