From the Annals of the Unplanned Dismount

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My Labor Day holiday weekend ended with a thud.

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I was out enjoying a late-afternoon trail ride yesterday with a friend, when a deer jumped up right under my horse's nose and spooked him. He did a 90-degree turn-and-bolt, with a powerful uphill lunge that shot me off backward like I was fired from a cannon.

I hit the dirt flat on my back, with the upper portion taking the brunt of the blow. I was able to get back on and ride home, before the swelling set in, but today I am one hurtin' buckarette.

Hence, the stash of medicinals you see in the photo. A heating pad and sympathetic small dog complete the recovery-strategy picture.

The deer encounter happened so fast that I didn't have even a split second of reaction time. Which may have been a good thing, since you can get into a bigger wreck trying to save yourself, getting hung up in the process, that you can with a straight-off launch.

At least that's what I'm telling myself as I hunker down on the couch (ouch!) with the aforementioned sympathetic small dog.