Get to Know Our New "Love to Own" Horse

You guessed it: The best part of my job, by far, is getting to come in contact with some of the greatest horses and riders in the business. Be it a barrel horse, a therapy horse, or a top pleasure stallion, I’m one lucky horse-crazy kid to get to see horses like the one you’re about to meet. 

I spent a few days at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in October, and it was there I met Good Cowboy Margarita — a.k.a. Cowboy — on Stallion Avenue. The 2009 NSBA Horse of the Year, Cowboy has amassed a show record that most competitors can only dream of.

His owners, Robin and Roger Gollehon, are frequent contributors to H&R. While we caught up outside Cowboy’s stall, my eyes kept wandering to the little but powerful 4-year-old, who soaked up all the attention passersby were willing to give him. The more I learned about this little machine, the more I thought, “I’d love to own a horse like this.” And bingo, I had myself a story. 

You’ll have to read about Cowboy in our January issue to know his whole story, but in the meantime, come into his stall with Robin and get her take on her winning stallion. First watch the interview, then check out our “bloopers” of Cowboy as we tried to get him to stand still to get a shot of him relaxing in his stall. Hint: He wanted to visit with me a little more than he wanted to relax!

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