Getting to Know Hailee and Talker

On Monday you met our Fan of the Month Hailee and her horse, Talker. Today, learn more about what makes Talker the perfect partner for Hailee, and what they like to do for fun!

What’s Talker’s personality like?

He’s just like a big goofy dog! He is so sweet and so loving. He’s the kind of horse who will be your best friend forever if you give him a treat!

Hailee and Talker hanging out.

What is Talker’s favorite treat?

He loves apples, carrots, any kind of horse cookies. But one of his favorites is fries! If he could, he would eat them every day!

What do you and Talker do for fun?

We always goof around bareback! We also love to take trail rides with my friends.

What is your favorite memory/experience with Talker?

There are too many to list! But one of the best was at a rodeo, and we were walking back to the trailer for a drink of water when they?announced?the placings, I had gotten my first 1st place?ribbon!! I was very happy and so proud of us!

What is your favorite section of Horse&Rider?

Oh wow that’s a hard one! I love This Horse Life, but I also love You Said It!

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