Going to See “BUCK”

Photo courtesy of BUCK the Film

This past Monday evening, I had the great opportunity to go see a private screening of the documentary “BUCK”, about horseman Buck Brannaman, in Denver.

Working at a movie theater all throughout high school, I consider myself a movie buff. However, I’ve never been to a private screening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be like any normal movie experience (complete with popcorn and an Italian soda!).

While some would consider documentaries boring, I love watching them if they coincide with my interests. I was definitely not disappointed with “BUCK”.

It was clear that Denverites and I have similar interests. When I went to get my refreshments, I couldn’t believe how long the line was. By that time, the theater was nearly full, and I know they had to turn people away.

By the end of the film, though, I could understand why people would wait in line.

The director, Cindy Meehl, did a great job telling the horseman’s story. It was moving in a way that had me nearly rolling on the floor with laughter, shedding a tear, and jumping out of my seat.

This was only a small part of the line to get in the theater. It actually extended all the way to the parking lot.

Meehl did a great job showing where Buck had come from; what he’d made of himself; and, most important, his message.

Many times throughout the film, those who had participated in one of Buck’s clinics said something along the lines of “it’s so nice to see there’s another way to train horses,” as opposed to some of older, rougher methods. (More on that in a future blog.)

Oftentimes, the previews show the best part of the movie. That just wasn’t the case with “BUCK”.? I thought it was a great film. If you consider yourself a horseperson, I would call it a must-see. I would even venture to recommend it to your non-horsey friends. It’s simply that good.

Visit the film’s Web site to see if it will be playing in a theater near you—you can also suggest theaters where you’d like to see it.

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