Got Bucked Off, and Boy, Does It Hurt

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You don't actually have to be on a horse to feel like you got bucked off hard. Bad news and dashed hopes can do it to you as well--which is why I spent the entire weekend, from Friday night on, trying to dust myself off and get up the nerve to "get back on."

Can't say that I'm quite there yet. This is one of those times in my life with horses when chucking it to become a condo dweller sounds like it could be a wiser move.

To the point: Tiffany's surgery (see previous post) revealed more extensive damage to her stifle's cartilage than was shown by the initial diagnostic radiographs, and her prognosis for soundness is poor. Or, to put it in vet-speak, "we are not optimistic about the patient's future in terms of an athletic career."

Pretty tough to take. Especially since I'd thought of her as being so close to perfect that I even gave her The Perfect Option as her registered name.

In hindsight, my second name choice would have been more appropriate:

No Absolutes.