Headed East for a Meeting of the Mag-Minds

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As soon as I finish this blog post, I'll be packing up to leave for the airport on a Horse&Rider business trip. Destination: a conference center in Virginia?described as "an island of thought." (I have never been to Virginia--nor to an island of thought, for that matter-- but the pictures, including the one of riding to hounds, are intriguing.)

H&R, as you may or may not know, shares its parent company with EQUUS, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, Arabian Horse World, EquiSearch.com, EquiShopper.com, and Equine.com. And what's up is our annual meeting to discuss the present and future of our businesses, and some good collective brainstorming.

We'll also review some of the stats that serve as our editorial and economic report cards. In that respect, I'm real pleased to share that H&R's paid circulation is up--something many other subscription-based publications aren't seeing these days.

If you're among those who subscribe to H&R, my personal thanks for your business and vote of confidence.

Now, what to pack that isn't too cowgirl? Where I live, a Western wardrobe works for just about everything, and that includes business travel. But Virginia? ?Mmmmm, maybe not so much?