Here's A Nifty Little Product I Like

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I recently got the opportunity to check out a nifty little product, The Skeeter Beater, that I thought I'd tell you about. It's a simple but ingenious way to keep mosquitos and other bugs out of your parked vehicle when you want the airflow from open windows.

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The Skeeter Beater consists of a pair of magnetic mesh screens, one for each side of your rig. They're available to fit over several styles of vehicle windows (you can see options on the Website).

You just adjust the soft fabric mesh to fit the window, and a series of sewn-in round magnets holds it in place on the vehicle's metal exterior. Each mesh panel is easy to put on and take off, and comes in a little carrying bag that'll fit easily into a seat-side pocket or glove compartment.

I first used my set on a riverside camping trip, when I had to park my truck in an unshaded spot and wanted to keep the interior from turning into an oven. The mosquitos were THICK in that location, but The Skeeter Beater kept them out. On the 4th of July, I used them while viewing fireworks from my truck. I've also learned to apply them even when my truck is sitting in the garage, just for the fresh-air factor.

One more example of a little slice of American ingenuity!