Holy Horse Wrecks! (A Forewarning)

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Suppose you walked down a barn aisle one day, and THIS is what you found--a horse hung up in the open feed window of his stall front.

Reader Jodi F. sent me this photo of her horse in exactly this predicament. In her own words, here is how it happened. I'm passing the info along so you don't find your own horse in a mess like this someday!?

"I thought I would pass along this photo of my horse after a stall mishap that could happen to anyone.??I had just moved my horse to a new boarding facility so he was a little nervous being somewhere new.? The morning routine is to take the horses from their stalls and move them to their outside paddocks where they could eat their breakfast.? My horse, being one of the last ones to be moved, decided he didn't want to wait anymore and decided to make a jump for it.? As you can see by the picture, he didn't quite make it.? The opening in the stall is meant only as a window to pass hay through, but its design and size made this mishap possible.

"The good news is, my horse escaped with minor injuries.? Luckily he had enough common sense to relax and let everybody help him rather than panic.? Lesson learned, we keep the hay door closed!??In a related reminder, it's?perhaps not a good idea to leave drop-down windows completely open while your horse is in the trailer.? You just never know when a horse may decide he can fit through a small opening!"