Hooked Up and Ready to Head Out

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The Horse&Rider team just put the April issue to bed, which is my cue to give myself a little editorial turnout time.

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So I'm going to head out tomorrow morning for Idaho's Horse Affair in Boise. Two Team H&R members, Julie Goodnight and Stacy Westfall, are on the presenter program. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting either of them, so this should be a good opportunity to do that.

Plus, there's just something about a big mingle (which is what a horse expo really is) that gets those out-of-hibernation juices flowing to jump-start your enthusiasm for all things horse.

But first, I have to get there. The trip from my northerly spot in Idaho is somewhere around 350 miles. All but the last 40 miles or so is on U.S. 95, a two-lane highway that drops, climbs, twists, and turns through river canyons, over high prairies, and along some breathtaking grades. The route is a little-known scenic wonder, and I look forward to experiencing it again.

If you make it to the Expo Idaho facility this weekend, maybe we'll run into each other. If not, have fun while I'm gone!