The Dream Job

Discovering the Dream

Ten years ago, when Horse&Rider was a monthly publication, I remember when the magazine would arrive in the mail and I’d read every article to soak up all the horse knowledge I possibly could. I also remember looking up to the editors and thinking about how they must have the best job ever—writing about horses! 

Now fast-forward 10 years and here I am, writing this blog. Last week I joined the individuals I looked up to as I started my dream job. I joined the team at Horse&Rider as the new assistant editor.

My gelding, Poco Riscos Holiday, and I before competing at the American Royal Youth Invitational Rodeo.

The Passion

Horses have always been my passion and I was lucky enough to be in the saddle at a young age. My first entry into the horse industry was judging horses competitively, which I continued to do until I graduated high school. I had more interest in riding horses than in judging them, though, as being on a horse’s back is where I felt I belonged.

Riding Horses

As a child I competed at horse shows, in horsemanship, showmanship, and Western pleasure. When I decided I needed a change in the horse industry, I moved on to riding reining horses. Though reining was an event I enjoyed, I knew rodeo was the next discipline I wanted to try. I competed in goat tying, pole bending, and barrel racing throughout my time in high school rodeo. 

After high school, I continued barrel racing, as I still do to this day. Competing at barrel races led to my hobby—training barrel horses. Training my own horses on which to compete allows me to challenge myself within the sport. I believe I’ve found my forever event with barrel racing, but I don’t plan to stop expanding my horse industry knowledge.

My mare, Lean N Chexy Lady, and I competing at the National Barrel Horse Youth World Championships.

Dreams Come True

Joining the team at Horse&Rider means I’m able to continue learning about horses while sharing my varied experiences with you all. Here’s to turning my passion into a career as I make those dreams of a little girl from 10 years ago come true. 

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