Horse Decor--Gotta Have It!

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OK, let's admit it--it is virtually impossible to be a horseperson without expressing that passion, somehow, in your home decor. Sometimes, as with my friend Chatty's collection of antique painted carrousel horses, the expression is quite grand. Other times...well, let's just say the expression isn't quite so grand.

Take my house, for instance. I'm big on paint-by-number horse pictures--the kind we got as Christmas gifts in the '50s and '60s. Nothing grand about those slices of Americana...colorful, yes, but grand, not even! I also love old cowboy boots, and don't even care if they fit me. Consequently, my house tends to look as though the boys from the bunkhouse moved in, and never left.

I don't have any horse-motif bedding or sofa pillows, but know plenty of people who do. Ditto on horse figurines, stuffed horses, horsey fridge magnets, or furniture made from old horseshoes. To each her own--because heaven forbid that someone should come to the door, and not KNOW, for sure, that a horseperson dwells within!