A Horse Lover’s Dream Job

This week, as I join this team, the horse-crazy little girl I was as a child would be proud that I’ve secured the rare privilege to write about the animal that has most impacted her life.

Even on my first day as the assistant editor at Horse&Rider I was aware of the great opportunity I’ve been given. There’s a buzz in the air as the team busily works to ensure that the next issue is ready to hit the press. This group is friendly, and their love for both H&R readers and the equine kind is tangible.

Hooked From the Start

My infatuation with horses started at the ripe age of five when my mom purchased my first 4-H project, a bay mare named Paige. I eventually graduated onto more specialized, challenging mounts, but I never forgot the bond that I shared with my first horse. My free time was obsessively spent with her—riding with friends or at 4-H practice; running through the sprinklers in the pasture; or sitting on her, bareback, while she grazed.

Though my hobbies have changed throughout the years, my love of horses has not. Horses have always been a source of both comfort and frustration in my life. They’ve relieved the stress of even the most difficult days and have taught me to persevere through seemingly impossible tasks, like nailing a difficult lead change or improving our first-barrel approach. This learned persistence, I’m sure, has allowed me to develop a career from the two things that many warned me could never coincide: horses and writing. After an internship in publications with the American Quarter Horse Association, I knew that I’d made the right decision to pursue equine journalism.

Putting It Together

Over the course of the years, I’ve participated in numerous disciplines and am thankful for all of these experiences. They’ve given me an appreciation for the nuances in skills that allow for success in each event, and a realization that excellent horsemanship is at the core of all proficient riding—no matter if it’s used turning a barrel or sliding to a stop. That’s the most exciting part about being a member of this team, because that’s exactly what H&R is all about. This magazine prides itself on educating readers, providing the tools to improve the partnership between riders and their equine companions.

 I’m eager to work with this talented team of editors who, every month, successfully provide the reputable content that Horse&Rider fans love.

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