Horse & Rider's Canine Editorial Team

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As the production crew put the final touches on August's Horse & Rider last week, I reset my brain to editorial planning for September's issue and beyond.?

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I was busy going over notes, making phone calls, and filling in calendar dates, when I felt a familiar?"thump-thump-swish" of a dog tail wisking my foot. I looked down, and there was Deputy Squeeker, in position and on duty as one of Horse & Rider's canine members of the editorial team.

The whole lot of us are proof that Horse Person usually = Dog Person as well.

The On Staff at H&R bloggers, Erin and Alana, have dogs, Happy and Murphy, who spend work days under or next to their desks. Their Texas office mate, Art Director Adam Purvis, has four canine furkids in addition to little boys Atticus and Holden. Senior Editor Jenny Meyer, who has a home office in California, is owned by a bossy little PomChi named Sadie. The contributing editors have just as much dog hair in their rigs as those of us who serve on the full-time staff.

One thing you gotta love about dogs as editorial partners is that they never complain about the hours. They're ready to be on standby as long as you need their company.

I'm betting that most of you reading this post have your own canine partners to count on.

Do you?