Horse&Rider's Top-10 Posts of 2014

Horse&Rider Magazine’s Top-10 Posts of 2014

In case you missed them, here’s a compilation of your favorite Horse&Rider posts of 2014:

9 Tips for a Long, Lovely Tail

Learn how to control your horse’s nutrition, supplementation, and grooming to grow his best tail for the 2015 show season.

3 Rules for Dealing With Quirky Horses

Trainer Bob Avila shares his tips for dealing with quirky horses so you can learn how to handle your horse’s oddities and maximize training:

Learn When to Blanket Your Horse in Winter

Do you blanket your horse in the wintertime? Find out when it’s time to cover, and when your horse is better off au naturale.

Dangerous Diets

Barb Crabbe, DVM shares common feeding scenarios that could get your horse in trouble and solutions to best manage his diet.

15 Best Farm Fixes

Do-it-yourself-ers rejoice! These 15 quick fixes can improve horse’s living space immediately.

7 Signs of Saddle-Fit Trouble

White hairs, swelling, or hair loss on your horse’s withers could spell trouble. Barb Crabbe, DVM teaches you indicators that could mean your saddle is causing discomfort.

The School of Odd Vet Cases

Veterinarian Barb Crabbe shares the most interesting cases she’s come across in her years of practice. Reader beware, some of these odd vet cases are stomach churners.

The No. 1 Mistake Even Good Trainers Make

Trainer Bob Avila shares the No. 1 mistake that even the best riders and trainers make. Avoid this ‘no-no’ to be more effective in training.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Horse Miserable

If your horse is miserable during riding sessions, it could inhibit training and progress. Learn the most common mistakes so you can avoid them.

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