My Horse’s Fashion

In this blog I’ll give a rundown of my horse’s tack and gear, as well as the pre-race products that I use.

My horse’s fashion is way more extensive than mine. I hate buying things for myself, but like any horse lover, there’s not stopping me once I enter a tack store.

This is what competition day looks like for Designers Red Dually (DD). Michaela Jaycox

1. Saddle

This saddle isn’t for every horse or every rider, however, I choose to ride my mare—and only this horse—in a treeless Bob Marshall Sports Saddle. The feel of a treeless saddle is unique and it’s the feel I prefer when riding DD. Trees play an important part in saddles, so I do ride in a Double J Pozzi Pro during some rides when I’m riding throughout the week. When I compete, though, you’ll see me in a basic Bob Marshall treeless saddle.

2. Saddle Pad

In the several years I’ve been riding, I’ve used countless brands of saddle pads. I finally worked up the courage to spend the extra money for a 5 Star saddle pad and it’s now the only saddle pad I use. I own three, but when I compete on DD, I use a red 5 Star with snake-print leathers. 5 Star pads come in a range of thicknesses, but all of mine are ¾ inch.

3. Headstall

I’m not a fancy barrel racer with a matching leather headstall and breast collar—I don’t even use a breast collar. I use a brandless nylon one-ear headstall with quick-change bit snaps.

4. Bit

When I’m not competing, I ride DD in a little s hackamore. But when I compete, I use a Direct Equine 7 ½ inch shank chain bit. After trying several bits through the training process, this is the bit that I found she liked and matched the feel of my hands the best.

5. Sport Boots

I usually use Classic Equine sport boots; however, I was gifted a pair of custom red/leopard Ortho Equine comfort boots. Ortho Equine boots offer great support, especially at the base, and are super at keeping dirt out. In the arena you’ll see DD wearing both front and back boots to protect her legs.

6. Nasal Strip

Each and every run DD wears a FLAIR Nasal Strip. I started using FLAIR about six years ago and use them to prevent lung bleeding, as well as to help my horses recover quicker after a run. Since FLAIR doesn’t offer DD’s signature red color, she usually sports a teal nasal strip.

7. Gut Function

Hauling and competing puts a lot of stress on horses, so I use Gastro-Plex paste by MVP as a pre-race supplement. Gastro-Plex coats and soothes the stomach, it helps support healthy gut function.

8. Gastric Support

Along with Gastro-Plex paste, I feed a pre-race dose of Purina Outlast supplement. DD also receives Outlast in her daily feed rations. Outlast helps support gut health and maintain the proper pH.

9. Respiratory Function

The more I can help my horse breathe, the better. I use Wind by OE as a pre-race paste to help open and soothe the airway. I’ve tried different respiratory pastes, and this is my preferred paste because not only does it help open the airway, but it promotes healing of respiratory conditions and improves endurance.

10. Liniment

I use Draw it Out liniment as part of my pre-race routine to soothe any aches and reduce any inflammation that may be occurring. Not only do I use Draw it Out on my horse, but if I’m experiencing any aches, I can use it on myself! 

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