How to Make a Custom Gift Box--Cowgirl Style

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* Start with a plain cardboard box. This one, sold flat, came from a craft store, but a repurposed shoebox or shirtbox will do just fine.

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Image placeholder title

* Find a printed image you like, and have it color-copied (enlarged, if necessary). Trim to fit the box lid.

* Using a foam craft brush, apply a layer of ModgePodge (a fixative/sealer found at any craft store) to the back of your copied image. Gently press onto the cardboard box, smoothing out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Let dry for 30 minutes.

* Apply another layer of ModgePodge over the image to seal it. Let dry.

* Put your gift inside the box, add raffia or ribbon and an ornament if desired.

I used vintage cowgirl postcards as the images for these boxes, but you can use virtually any image you like--even a piece of fabric--to make your box unique.

Happy Holidays, everyone!