H&R On the Road

Jen and I will head out of the office tomorrow to Pueblo, Colorado, to catch some of the action at the Colorado Super Circuit AQHA show. 

But this won’t be a day of just fun (it will be a lot of fun, though!). We’ll be busy asking folks to let us take their pictures – pictures of their outfits, of their horses, and of, well, anything we think we can use for the magazine or for HorseandRider.com

We’ll also be trying something new. Armed with our handy flip-cam, we’ll be taking some video to upload to our Facebook page and to this blog, so check back in a few days for some interviews! We’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think about the new things we’ve got in store!

What sort of interviews, photos, etc. would you like to see on our sites after we go to a show? (Keeping in mind that we can’t video actual competition, so we’ll be shooting video and doing interviews of competitors outside the ring.)

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