5 Drills from Horse&Rider OnDemand You Need to Watch This Week

Are you a member of Horse&Rider OnDemand? If so, here are five videos you need to watch this week to help improve your riding.

Horse&Rider OnDemand experts Bud Lyon and Brad Barkemeyer offer tips and drills for multiple disciplines such as; reining, ranch riding, reined cow horse, roping, and more! Watch these five videos to help improve your horsemanship and to try something new with your horse. 

Riding Without Stirrups

Riding without stirrups can benefit your body strength and balance when you’re in the saddle. Brad Barkemeyer shows you some of the drills he works on with his customers.

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Riding Fundamentals: Hip Control

Being able to move your horse’s hip around is a fundamental he needs to have before you can go on to do more difficult maneuvers. Watch Bud Lyon as he works with an inexperienced horse.

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Sidepass Drill

Using this sidepass drill will teach your horse how to listen to your cues and move away from leg pressure.

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Riding Fundamentals: Reverse Arc

Bud Lyon breaks down what the reverse arc is and why it’s a fundamental your horse should have in his skill set regardless of what discipline you ride.

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Stopping on Hind End

Does your horse like to slam on the brakes with his front feet? See how Brad Barkemeyer fixes this habit and helps teach his horse how to stop on his hind end.

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