I Love It When...

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...you have the kind of friends who, when they come to visit, want to go to the barn, first thing, to see how the horses are doing.
Gossip and refreshments can come later.

...I finally finish the last of my monthly writing assignments, and get to click the SEND button. Feels just like sinking into a warm bubble bath of relief.

...I get to transition from sequestered writer to active horse person again, with something horsey to go do, and real-live horses to interact with instead of the conceptual ones I ride while being in the deadline business for a living.

...a new issue of Horse & Rider comes in the mail. It's just as freshly satisfying for me to get my hands on the lastest as it is for any subscriber. Even though the other editors and I already know what's going to be in the issue, there's still no other experience like seeing the whole package come alive, page after page, right there in your hands.

Hmm--from our heads, to your hands!