I’m Here!

I’ve flown into a lot of areas of the United States that people call “horse country.” The kinds of places where, driving down the highway, you see one high-caliber training barn after another, or entryways for large ranches line the roadside. Texas, Arizona, South Dakota, Oklahoma. But never before have I flown into a city with more pristine white fencing, gorgeous brick barns, and pastures full of horses?all seen from a plane, not from the ground?than I did when landing in Lexington late today. My horse travels have taken me to nearly every state in this country, but this is my very first trip to Kentucky.

And I knew I was truly in some of the most amazing horse country in the world, not just the U.S.

After an entire day of travel, I’m finally in Lexington (well, at the hotel in Richmond, if you’re going to be technical)! When I reached the airport’s terminal today, I was astounded by the WEG presence?signage, gifts, T-shirts, and general promotion. I knew WEG was a big deal for us horse geeks, but it’s a bigger deal than I could imagine.

I picked up my media credentials and started planning my first day at Kentucky Horse Park. I know that Team H&R members Lynn Palm and Clinton Anderson are doing demos tomorrow, so I plan to stop by and check out their presentations. And there’s so much more to see and do! The trade show! The Equine Village! The Kentucky Experience! I’ll be sure to check in today to keep you posted on the happenings.

Now off to bed to get rested for a busy day!

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