Imagine Crossing This Country on Horseback

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The cowgirl trailer and I are back from our weekend trip to southern Idaho for the Idaho horse fair.

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Had a real good time, and making the drive was part of the adventure.

I took this photo from a lookout area about halfway down the White Bird Grade.

There is a roadside sign that tells the story of traveling across this part of Idaho. The whole central part of the state is a vast wilderness--the biggest in the lower 48--and there were no roads through here at all until the end of the 1920s.

Before that, anyone who wanted to go from north Idaho to south Idaho or vice versa had to do it on a pack-train trail. Hell's Canyon is on the other side of those mountains you see on the right side of the picture--they're known as the Seven Devils (for a good reason).

Even now, as a paved two-lane highway (finally completed in 1975), the route is not for wimps. Especially with a trailer in tow.

If you remember my posts from last September about Mikey's trip to rescue the blind horse, this is part of the trek she made. Probably a good thing she didn't know about this before she left home!