In Case You Were Thinking About Snow on a Roof...

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So it's nice enough yesterday that Ed and I decide we can get away from the ranch long enough to check our cabin property in the mountains. We drive up there, and things look good--snow hasn't come off the shop/shed buildings yet, but it doesn't look too deep, relatively speaking. The buildings stood through twice that much snow depth last year. I even snap a picture of how picturesque things look.?

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Famous last shutter click. When we went out this morning, the better of the two buildings had caved in during the night. Which happened to be a clear night, without a single flake of extra snow.

So, go figure. And if you're maybe THINKING you should be getting rid of the snow on a building or vehicle roof you own, you might want to get a move on.

Or at least get any live animals out from under it. We're pretty glad there was nothing inside this building except lawn furniture and other replaceable things.

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