It Comes Together in the End

In the On Staff blog, we try to give a glimpse inside the H&R offices?the funny stories, inspiring moments, and incredible experiences we get to have thanks to our jobs here with the magazine. We’re generally a cheery, optimistic group of folks around here, but I have to be honest. When deadline rolls around, it can get a little intense.

We’re rounding out the June issue right now, one that gave me fits due to uncooperative weather, scheduling conflicts, dropped phone calls, more weather issues…you get the idea. I need to remember to remind myself that these obstacles work themselves out and, one way or another, the features come together. We’ve yet to send an issue to the printer with blank pages in it!

So, in about a month, when you’re reading the horsemanship piece with Colorado trainer Chad Evans, here’s an insider’s secret: We planned that shoot at least 20 times before we actually could complete it. And before we got the morning-lit shots you’ll see on the pages, we shot the evening before in high winds, heavy clouds, intermittent rain. Heck, there was even a tornado warning north of Chad’s place in Franktown at the time we were out in the arena! But the next morning was perfect for photos (if a little chilly), and it all came together!

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