It’s Fair Time!

We are deep into summer now, and where I’m from in Missouri, the hotter the better, because that means more fun is on the way.

Some friends enjoying a ride at the fair carnival.

Of course, everyone has been out boating on the lake, swimming at the pool, and floating on the river already, but now is the time for a different kind of fun.

I’m talking about fairs, people! Some may be small?even obsolete to outsiders of that town?but they are their own kind of special. It is a great time for the community to get together and have some affordable, old-fashioned, American fun. With horse and livestock shows, tractor pulls, parades, trade shows, rodeos, and concerts?just to name a few?there is no doubt you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

Brightly lit, noisy roller coasters; cotton candy and kettle corn; the scent of livestock in the air; and rodeo action, make it a week I look forward to all year. And, oh yes, it wouldn’t be a fair if it wasn’t hotter than blazes outside.

All of this is coming to my mind because this is the week of my county fair back at home, and I’m just a little sad I’ll be missing out on the fun. But don’t worry, readers! I think the Rooftop Rodeo, held in Estes Park, Colorado, this weekend, will take away my woes of missing my fair.

It sounds like a fun weekend filled with a fair atmosphere and rodeo thrills in the beautiful Rocky Mountains?what more could I ask for?

Tractor pull at the fair.

So, readers, check out the fairs in your area; there are memories to be made, whether you’re young or old. I know I’ll always remember the days of listening to roaring diesel engines during the exciting tractor pulls and the nights of eating funnel cakes while cheering for the locals in the rodeo. A fair is the cherry-top to my summer.

I would love to hear from you all, so feel free to share about your days spent at a fair or your favorite fair event.

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