It's Tiffany's Turn to Get on the Bus

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Most of us can connect, in some way, to the scenario of the child about to get on the schoolbus for the first time.

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Put a young horse into the picture, and swap schoolhouse for a training barn, and you have the current status of what's up with Tiffany, the gray filly in the picture. She's gone from being the newborn foal of an '07 blog post, to being of riding age.


And while I take my hat off to all of you who start your own horses under saddle, I'm no longer within your ranks. At 50+, I am content to be a good article-starter and leave the colt-starting to a pro. So, off Miss T. goes for some professional education in that regard.

It's a little nerve-wracking, but also exciting to be at this next stage of directionalizing a horse's life, with one that I bred and raised. For me, it's a first. All my other young-horse prospects, save for Tiffany's full brother, have been ones I purchased, and he was sold before he got to riding age.

I'm told that for pre-schoolers, it's a big deal to get to pick out your own backpack with theme character. (My grandson Jacob, who's 3 tomorrow, went for Thomas the Train for his pre-school backpack.)

Any suggestions for Tiffany's theme character as she gets ready to go to St. Hilaire Ranch in Yamhill, Oregon? I know about Hannah Montana--is there also a Hannah Idaho?