From the Judge: Jill Newcomb

Insight from and AQHYA World Show judge.

Tomorrow, AQHA judge Jill Newcomb heads to Oklahoma City, to officiate the AQHYA World Show. The show boasts more than 2,500 entries from 815 exhibitors showing more than 1,100 horses. This is Jill’s first time judging the Youth World, but she has extensive experience with the show, both as a youth competitor and as a trainer of very successful youth riders.

AQHA judge and successful all-around trainer Jill Newcomb.

We asked Jill a few questions about the show; here are her answers.

H&R: What are you most looking forward to about judging the Youth World?

JN: I’m always excited to see horses and riders compete at this level. These are some of the best young riders in the industry. They’ve practiced their hearts out, and now it’s time to show what they’ve got. It’s going to be a lot of fun watch every run.

H&R: You had a lot of success as a youth rider in AQHA events. What’s your favorite memory about competing at the Youth World?

JN: That has to be making friends that last a lifetime and memories that we share. So many of my trainer friends are people I competed against at the Youth World; so are many of my amateur-rider friends. We share a long history, thanks to meeting at the Youth World.

H&R:What’s your most valuable advice to kids as they pull into the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City and get ready to show?

JN: Just because it’s the World Show, don’t panic. It’s just another horse show. Leave your nerves outside the arena, and go enjoy your run. Have fun, just like you would at any other show.

Horse&Rider wishes all the competitors at the AQHYA World Show the best of luck in and out of the arena. 

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